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Take about 2 minutes and determine your options for dealing with ACA Compliance.   All you need to do is project the employee participation, input the the totall number of employees and input your best quote for traditional health care. 

Your options are simple:


Do Nothing and Pay The Penalty


Use a non compliant plan


Offer a traditional plan

The numbers shown in the PPCA Calculator are for illustration purposes.  Actual results will vary depending on multiple variables including average wage, employee count and Work Opportunity Tax Credit Eligibility.   Our staff will assist you with a detailed analysis based on actual  information you provide to us.  Penalties and minimum requirements are based on 2016 ACA requirements. 

WOTC Credits we find for you.  This is additional savings and we do all of the administrative work for your company. 

Or Use Smart Suite - Save Money - Save Time and Sleep Well 

Move the slider to a participation level you would expect.  If you don't know, we suggest 30%.  Left click and slide. 

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