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Some employers just need payroll.  Others need Pay As You Go options for workers' compensation.   Many find savings in a bundled staff support program.  Our products and services are menu driven modular offerings.  Every employer has unique needs.   Our team of professionals will help you determine the right employer support package. 

Why use one of our staffing programs?
Our clients use our programs for many reasons.  Some of the many advantages of using  our service is to:
  • Achieve Costs Savings
  • Workforce Flexibility
  • Access to Top Talent
  • Reduce Administrative Work
  • Improve workforce engagement
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Smart Suite - HRIS 
Available to staffing clients to assist with every aspect of employee management.  


Proven: We may be newer to the market than other competitors, but the rapid adoption of our technology is a clear testament to the power of our solution. Our dedicated team of HR specialists has literally hundreds of years of combined experience providing HR + Payroll.


Simple: Life is complicated. HR + Payroll does not have to be. Our system is clean, concise, compliance-minded and best of all features incredibly smart technology. Our support staff is always just one phone call away to answer ANY workforce management questions you may have.  


Effective: We are the only workforce management solution provider that REDUCES your costs, as you INCREASE your services with us. Our flat-rate pricing makes the costs of your workforce management solution predictable and manageable. 

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