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About the Staff Pro program:


Staff Pro Plus is a product division of PayGo Plus, LLC.  Clients are generally assigned to DB Staff Pro, Inc (THE COMPANY) but PayGo Plus provides the administration.  The websites, in entirety, are not legal contracts. By providing links to other sites, THE COMPANY does not guarantee, approve, or endorse the information or products available on these sites.   Each product and service may contain user agreements which we reserve the right to change without notice. By accessing or using our Products, you agree to be bound by these terms as defined by the user agreement described on entry into the product.  It is the users’ responsibility to periodically review the terms of use for changes. THE COMPANY provides staffing and other employment-related services on behalf of its client companies.  THE COMPANY reserves the right to assign employees to other staffing companies.


Participating clients will receive certificates of insurance; however, only employees who are actively processing payroll on the approved payroll platform will be covered under the policy.  The named insured is not the client.  The named insured is the staffing company.  There is no coverage for contingent liability from subcontractors.  If a client hires labor, they must add the employee to the staffing program. 


Frequently Asked Questions



Is the client buying a policy? No. They are subscribing to a staffing service which will give them access to the assigned staffing company’s policy.  There is no insurable interest unless the staffing client is reporting employee's wages under the FEIN # of the staffing company. 



Will the staffing company clients find employees?  Most clients want to find their own employees; however, the answer is yes.  The staffing company will charge a fee to help clients find support staff for temporary projects or the client may identify staff, get the proper forms for employment completed and the staffing company will pay the wages and provide benefits.  


What are the program limits?    May vary from State to State but generally,           


  • EL Each Accident $1,000,000  

  • EL Disease Each Employee $1,000,000

  • EL Disease Policy Limit $1,000,000


Is it cheaper for lower limits? No. We had lower limits, then raised them and did not change the pricing. Making changes to the policy impacts all of the client subscribers.  Remember, the policy is in the name of the staffing company. 


What if they need actual coverage?  The purpose of this program is to allow smaller employers to bid on jobs etc and show evidence that they have secured a program for providing hired labor with required benefits as extended by the staffing company.  Coverage is only extended to employees of the staffing company, its affiliates or assigns.  Employees must be added to the staffing program prior to beginning work.   Depending on the industry type, we can arrange Occupational Accident options for the owners. 




Do clients have to come into a broker's office to register? No. They can register from anywhere with internet access.


Can a broker register on behalf of clients?  No. The registration page acts as their contract which they must sign themselves. 

What if the client doesn’t have a computer? They must have a working email to qualify, they can use a mobile device, your office computer, or you can print the user agreement for them to sign and upload during registration.


Can they register now and pay later? Yes, but we will not activate their subscription or send a Certificate until payment is made.


How does a broker know that the client signed up? We will capture the exact IP address of where they signed and the exact date. It is important that the client signs this themselves.


Can a client cancel easily? Yes. They can cancel at any time without a cancellation fee. 


Paying / Billing Through PayPal:


Is there another way to pay besides Paypal?  Generally, we only bill through Paypal on an automatic monthly basis.  We have special arrangements with some brokers for the broker to collect a discounted annual or semi-annual subscription fee. 


Can the client write a check? No. But the client can use a routing and account number on their PayPal.


What if the client doesn’t have a bank account? They must have a bank account and a working email address to qualify for this program.


Can the agent broker use their PayPal account? No. The client must be billed directly from us. Brokers may help the client set up their own PayPal.


What happens if a payment doesn’t go through? Paypal will notify the client via email and will make additional attempts to bill.  If payment is not made, the client will be canceled, the services subscription will be stopped and all certificate holders will be notified.


Client Specifics:


How can clients request a certificate/certificate holder to be named? In the Staff Pro portal clients can request a certificate under the “Certificate of Insurance” tab.


How fast are Certificates issued? Allow for a full business day or 24 hours. But typically, this is done much sooner.


How can clients report a claim? Also, in the Staff Pro portal. You must report all claims under the “report a loss” tab. The first step in the process is to confirm that the injured worker is an active employee of the staffing company.  If a client is not reporting wages or paying subcontractors who do not carry their own policy, the client will be responsible for any claims. 


What about other coverage such as general liability and commercial property? This program is intended to only provide an alternative for securing Workers’ Comp. Contact our sales team to set you up with someone to help you find General Liability Insurance.  Insurance offerings are available through Syndicated Service.  


Can I have someone named as an additional insured? No. That is for General Liability and not Workers’ Comp. You can have a Certificate Holder named at the bottom of your Certificate of Insurance.


Will this suit what my contractor or risk manager needs?  It should. To know for sure, please reference your contract or check with your contractor for details. We cannot guarantee the acceptance of our certificate of insurance.   Some government entities and larger contractors have very specific requirements but generally speaking, most entities will accept our COI.  For most clients, this program works just fine.



These programs are administered, serviced and coverage is secured through Syndicated Services Insurance Agency (SIA Insurance).  SIA  insurance is acting as the agent to secure coverage for THE COMPANY. 

SIA Insurance is a division of Syndicated Resource Group Holdings Inc.  All references to Syndicated Services Inc. or SIA Insurance may also include affiliates, subsidiaries, and divisions.

Any discussions related to coverage are at a summary level and will not supersede the terms of the policy, contract or service agreements. Please refer to the actual policies quoted, service agreements and legal contracts for specific terms, conditions, limitations, and exclusions that will govern in the event of a loss.


We provide links on our website to other Internet sites and resources. Accessing these links means you are leaving our website and going to the website of a third party not related to Syndicated Services. We do not control third party sites and resources and are not responsible for their availability, content or delivery of service. Other sites and resources may have different security and privacy policies than ours.


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